vin_black_shirt Vin Armani The Vin Armani Show
Vin Armani is a philosopher, serial tech entrepreneur, and CryptoSavage. He is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post. In addition to being an author and speaker, he has made his living as a television star, film producer, high-end male escort, software developer, art gallerist, pirate radio station operator, DJ, music producer, and motorcycle courier. He studied Philosophy at Howard University.
 MaxBorders Max Borders Executive Director at Social Evolution
Max Borders is Executive Director at Social Evolution (social-evolution.com), a non-profit organization dedicated to solving social problems through subversive innovation.

Max is former Director of Idea Accounts at Emergent Order and former Director of Content for FEE.org where he remains a contributing editor.

In 2013, Max co-founded Voice & Exit (http://voiceandexit.com/) — an annual event dedicated to exploring the ideas of human flourishing. The event is in its fifth year.

Max is also the author of Superwealth: Why we should stop worrying about inequality (2013). http://superwealthbook.com/

Max authored a chapter in New Threats to Freedom (Templeton Press 2010) alongside lights such as Christopher Hitchens and David Mamet.

Max received his MA in Philosophy from University College London and his BA in Philosophy from Appalachian State. He lives in Austin, Texas.

cargill Michael Cargill Central Texas Gunworks
Michael Cargill has spent the last decade championing and supporting the rights of law-abiding Texans to own and use firearms. He is the owner of Central Texas Gun Works which is a gun store and training facility. He has served his country honorably in the United States Army for 12 years. Michael has trained members of the Texas State House and Senate, district judges, justices of the peace, staff of many Federal, Texas state and local agencies, attorneys and corporate employees how to use firearms safely.

News organizations throughout the country have recognized his excellence in his business practices and the passion he has for his field by featuring him as a frequent guest and subject matter expert. He has achieved national exposure in such prestigious media outlets as Forbes Magazine, Fox Business News, CNN Money, AOL, BBC World News, Huffington Post and the New York Times. His concern for local safety has led to features on local affiliates of Fox News, ABC News, NBC News, and YNN. With each appearance, Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics.

1130039-RG_304.jpg Neal Dikeman Candidate for US Senate
Neal is a 6th generation Texan from Houston running for US Senate. He is a venture capitalist, and an entrepreneur with 9+ startups under his belt. He spent most of his career as a successful venture capitalist, world’s in the tech capital, Silicon Valley and the world’s energy capital, Houston. He has been a venture capitalist at Jane Capital, the firm he cofounded at age 25 and helped build into a leading player in cleantech; Globalgate, the parent company of YellowPages.com; and at Shell Oil. In addition to investing, he has personally cofounded 7 technology startups ranging from energy to software, and served as CEO, VP, CFO, and Chairman, and Director multiple times. Startups he has cofounded have raised hundreds of millions of dollars, built factories, gone public, spanned 3 continents – all powered by amazing people.

He is currently an active investor, the Chairman of the Cleantech.org network, and Greenhome.com, and on the board of directors of Texas based manufacturer American Electric Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AETI), as well as Treasurer and Session member at Spring Branch Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas, where his family was a charter member over half a century ago. He is a 3rd generation Aggie, Class of ’98, with a degree in economics, an Eagle Scout, and began his career in energy at Bankers Trust in Houston, TX.

Neal has been one of the leading writers and experts on cleantech and technology in energy, with his blog named a 50 Best Business Blog globally by the London Times, has written for dozens of outlets including CNET/News.com as well as been cited on the future of energy by hundreds of publications from Time to the Wall Street Journal.

jaxfinkel Jax Finkel Foundation for an Informed Texas
Marijuana and its policy. Legislative and intern process.
ShaleshGanjoo Shalesh Ganjoo Candidate for US Senate
Shalesh is a Texan by choice. He was born in New York City and moved to Texas to serve with the U.S. Army at Fort Hood in 1993. He loved Texas so much that he decided to stay and make it his permanent home.

Shalesh has had a varied career. He proudly served as a soldier, worked as an entrepreneur, served as a government employee, and worked for a non-profit. He lives in Austin where he uses his extensive energy industry experience in his work for a non-profit entity that manages the majority of the Texas power grid. Within the energy industry, Shalesh’s career spans roles as a trader with both Goldman Sachs in New York and FPL Energy in Florida as well as the head of emissions and renewable energy credit trading portfolio for Conectiv Energy. Early in his career he worked as a senior analyst at Enron and as a research analyst for Logical Information Machines (now Morningstar) where he built technical analysis models for equities, fixed-income, and commodities traders.

Prior to embarking on a career in business, he honorably served in a combat heavy battalion for the U.S. Army’s corps of engineers. Shalesh has a Bachelor’s in Economics with specializations in computational economics, international economics, monetary theory, and a minor in Political Science. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Technology Commercialization from the McCombs School of Business.

Shalesh believes that the only thing perfect in this universe is God. He also believes that the Capitalist system has proved to be the best economic system in the world. And, because he believes that God is the only perfection in this world, he understands that capitalism has its limitations. Nevertheless, responsible and efficient government can overcome these limitations. And the best way to have responsible and efficient government is to have a small but effective government.

Shalesh is running for the U.S. Senate because he believes that the congress has become too arrogant and unresponsive to our needs. He also believes that the government has become too big and unmanageable, and therefore unresponsive to the needs of the American People.
Shalesh is a simple man with a simple message: let’s bring business-minded, small government back to Washington!

TERRI-HEADSHOT-600web Terri Ingraham beLydia
Terri Ingraham is the Founder and Visionary for beLydia, an anti-trafficking non-profit 501c3 based in Austin, Texas. Terri is a happily married mother to two children, three stepchildren and three grandsons (one more on the way!).
 McKennon Kerry Douglas McKennon  Candidate for Lt. Governor
Kerry Douglas McKennon is a sixth generation Texan running for Lt Governor of Texas. His family farmed for over 100 years with his grandfather’s last crop of cotton in 1985. Kerry was born in Petersburg, Texas, graduated high school from Shallowater ISD, and attended Texas Tech University before serving in the Naval Reserves.

Kerry and Walter will be married 10 years in August 2018. They currently live in Petersburg, Texas.

Kerry joined the Libertarian Party in 2013. He ran for Texas House District 88 and Texas Senate District 28 special election in 2014. In 2016, Kerry made a bid for the vice presidential nomination without success. He is the elected county chair of Hale County and the Senate District 28 representative for the Libertarian Party of Texas’ executive committee and served as Platform Committee chair at the state level for two terms.

Remember that Texans do not ask permission to be Free. We are! Together we can fight back the bullies in Austin. McKennon: Texian for Texas!

 MarkMiller Mark Miller
Dr. Mark Miller has served in various capacities with the Libertarian Party of Texas, including Vice Chair and nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner. In 2016 he received all the endorsements of Texas’ major newspapers, garnering sufficient votes to retain the Party’s ballot access. Mark enjoyed a long and varied career in the oil and gas industry, including teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently semi-retired, does occasional consulting, and remains politically active.
 newsom Shane D. Newsom  Candidate for US Senate
Shane is a devoted husband and father. He and his family live in Garland, Texas. Shane has been married to Elizabeth for over five years and they have two young sons, Freddy and Elliott.Shane was born in Grapevine, Texas as an only child. When Shane was about a year old, his mom passed away from Wagner’s disease. He and his
father moved to Kansas not long after to be closer to his father’s family. When is was seven years old, he moved back to Texas to live with his maternal grandparents, where he has lived since.By day Shane is a software developer and in his free time he enjoys spending quality time with his wife, riding his motorcycle, playing chess, playing Ingress and Pokemon Go with Freddy, keeping up with his line of work and staying involved with what is going on in the world.
 TickeyMorris Rickey Dean Morris Jr Candidate for US Senate
I have always been humble, honest, and proud of others before myself. Challenges are a part of life and never have I been so thankful to God than now for trusting in me your vote for US Senate TX Libertarian party. I knew His power and I am still learning how His plans work. So I try to stay obedient and diligent. This is for anyone that comes from nothing and He uses you for His greater good. This is to help me get all of the votes of people that have no voice and are tired of not being heard, accepted, and oppressed. My campaign is for US Senate libertarian party TX seriously. I Rickey Morris Jr will work for God, City, County, State, and Country on behalf of the people. Education, Economy and Security mainly in pursuit of this American reality of Life, Love and Liberty through God’s principles and the needs of the People.
 JasonRink Jason Rink The Foundation for a Free Society
As the Executive Director/Creative Director he oversaw the production of more than 60 educational videos, including a feature-length documentary film, and several animated shorts.

The Foundation for a Free Society is an educational organization dedicated to promoting the principles of liberty, personal sovereignty, private property, and free markets in order to create a more free and prosperous society.