Texas Liberty Event in February

Every election cycle the Republican and Democrat candidates get a few months of political advertisement that non-primary parties do not get. By the time non-primary parties start their candidate selections, most people have already picked their sides and candidates for November.

After talking to many people inside and outside the Libertarian party, we decided that an awareness event may be advantageous.

We are raising $20,000 to $50,000 for an event to get all of our candidates on stage to debate. We also plan presentations by libertarian leaning personalities and other activities. The amount of money raised will determine the scope of the event. Ideally we can attract a few thousand people that would vote libertarian, but currently, aren’t because they don’t know we exist until they have already invested in the primaries with another party.


If you are planning on donating to this event, please do so quickly. With only a few months between now and the primaries, we need to reserve space and gauge interest. Early donations are greatly appreciated.


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