Last Blog Before the Event

Ticket sales close online at midnight!  You can pay at the door.  If you are considering coming out, don’t let the rain stop you!


Speaker Updates.

Judge Delaney had to cancel due to health issues.  We wish him well.  His speaking position has been taken by Nishi Whiteley.  She will be speaking on the failure of the War On Drugs and the medical use of cannabis in terminal healthcare.


We Have All 5 Senatorial Candidates!  Shalesh Ganjoo will be joining us at 2:00 pm for the Debate to see who gets to take on Senator Cruz.


See you at the Conference!


Ticket Sales

It has come to my attention that people are planning on purchasing a ticket at the door.  This is fine and we will be accepting a variety of payment methods.  That being said, it is not impossible that we will hit the fire code limit for the venue we are holding this event in.  If you are traveling a distance to attend this event, please purchase your tickets in advance to ensure that we do not have to turn you away.

Calling for Questions!


We are two weeks out.  Over the next 7-10 days, we are taking input on what questions should be asked in the debates that are happening at the conference.  If you have purchased a ticket we are asking for your input.  Send us the questions that you would like to be asked of the candidates.  These questions will be asked by the most reoccurring theme.  Also, keep them relevant.  There is no need to ask a Texas Attorney General what they would do about our military policy in the Middle East.   If the office being sought has no bearing on the subject, it won’t be asked during the debate.

The debates being held are for:

Texas Governor

Texas Attorney General

US Senate


If you have not purchased a ticket, but would like to send a question, buy a ticket.  They are only $20 with group discounts available.

US Senate Debate

Four out of five of our US Senatorial candidates will be appearing on Starlight Terrace Stage from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  If you have a ticket, please send questions you would like asked using our Contact Us page.  We will be gathering common questions to present to them during the debate.



New Speaker Added!

One of the people we always like to see at political gatherings.  Vermin Supreme has joined the conference.  As the conference is at a restaurant, no ponies allowed.  Sorry folks.




We are still looking for a few volunteers.  It should not be too burdensome and it gets you in for free.

Looking for volunteers

If you would be interested in helping make this event run smoothly, please let us know.  There are not that many positions that need filling, but it is a long day.  We need a couple people to check in attendees, someone to announce speakers on each stage and a few general purpose runners to fill in as needs arise.